OCR a YSR, czyli klasyczne i współczesne poglądy na prekonsolidację gruntów spoistych

Tomasz Szczepański


OCR versus YSR—a discussion of classic and today’s views on preconsolidation of clayey soils.
S u m m a r y. Overconsolidation ratio (OCR) is commonly used in different geology disciplines. It is considered crucial for proper evaluation of engineering-geological properties of soil. On its basis it is possible to assess the thickness of both the glacier covering in the past a given area, and eroded layers. However, as clearly indicated by the soil mechanics research over the past two decades, some applications of this parameter assume too much simplification of the preconsolidation origin. A revision of the classic and current views is presented along with the results of model experiments on Mio-Pliocene clays

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