Określanie przepuszczalności gruntów spoistych w badaniach konsolidacji z ciągłym przyrostem obciążenia

Paweł Dobak


Evaluation of cohesive soils permeability by continuous loading consolidation tests.
S u m m a r y. Evaluation of permeability by direct methods involves very long laboratory procedures and leads to considerable differences in final results. Application of indirect methods based on consolidation analysis provides a faster solution. Analyses of laboratory conditions show that consolidation test with continuous loading (CL) depends significantly on the filtration factor. Proper interpretation of CL tests requires considering several parameters: steady phase of process, quasi-linear changes of the consolidation coefficient, saturation of pore space with water and optimization of the velocity test. The paper proposes practical criteria for the test analysis, leading to evaluation results consistent with theoretical solutions of the consolidation process.

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