Analiza taksonomiczna karpackich szczaw i wód kwasowęglowych

Andrzej J. Krawczyk, Lucyna Rajchel


Taxonomic analysis of Carpathian carbonated waters and waters containing carbon dioxide (S Poland).
S u m m a r y. Within the area of the Magura and Silesian units in the Polish Carpathians, 202 sites with carbonated waters and waters containing carbon dioxide have been recorded. They represent mainly mineral waters, in which the HCO3- anion dominates, being occasionally accompanied by Cl-, and among cations Ca2+ and Mg2+ prevail, occasionally accompanied by Na+. Carbon dioxide is the specific component of all the waters, whereas in the waters with higher mineralization (i.e., higher TDS content) the specific components include also I, Br, B, Fe, occasionally H2S. The authors have divided the studied set of Carpathian waters applying the hierarchical and non-hierarchical classification algorithms (particularly the ISODATA algorithm) into five distinctly separated groups that can be accurately identified with linear.

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