Zmienność składu fazy gazowej składowiska odpadów komunalnych w Otwocku

Dorota Porowska, Tomasz Gruszczyński


Variation of gas composition within the Otwock landfill, central Poland.
S u m m a r y . The field research was conducted at a municipal landfill located in the western part of Otwock (a town in Central Poland), to investigate lateral and temporal variation of gases within the old landfill. As a product of decomposition of organic matter, the landfill passed through different stages. Each stage is characterized by production of different gases. The principal gases are methane and carbon dioxide; they are present in similar proportions, accompanied by other less abundant gases like hydrogen sulfide. Both archival and measured data indicated that the composition of biogas within the Otwock landfill varied with time. The lateral distribution of gas concentration showed significant changes in the concentration of the following gases: oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide across the landfill area. The concentration of oxygen in May 2006 was elevated about 10 times compared to archival data. However, in July 2006 lateral variability of oxygen concentration changed. A decreasing trend of oxygen concentration at high soil moisture content was observed. Measurements in May 2006 and July 2006 clearly show that the gas concentration can change dramatically within a very short period and that biodegradation processes depend strongly on changes in soil moisture content and temperature.

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