Zastosowanie modelowania geochemicznego jako elementu wspomagającego monitoring przyrodniczych obszarów chronionych

Krzysztof Jóźwiak, Ewa Krogulec


Geochemical modeling as an element of protected area monitoring.
S u m m a r y . Groundwater in the Kampinoski National Park (KPN) area is usually of fresh and ultrafresh type with mineralisation lower than 493.36 mg/dm3. The variation of groundwater types is mainly caused by low ability of the system to buffer the acid accumulation and contamination as well as by the lack of isolation. The aim of the monitoring system at the KPN is to prevent anthropogenic contamination of the system. Geochemical modeling is one of the most important elements of the monitoring. Description of geochemical speciations present in groundwater can be used for characterizing a variation of groundwaters’ natural and athropogenic chemistry. Not only speciation modeling (which can reveal speciation of particular elements in groundwater) should be a part of monitoring system, but also inverse modeling, allowing us to reconstruct processes cocurring in the system and their intensity.

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