Szyszka drzewiastej rośliny widłakowej z dolnokarbońskiego fliszu Gór Bardzkich (Sudety)

Jolanta Muszer, Joanna Haydukiewicz


Arborescent lycopsid cone from Lower Carboniferous flysch of the Bardo Mts (Sudetes).
S u m m a r y. The Lower Carboniferous sediments of the Bardo Mts. is mainly composed of biostratigraphically undocumented flysch sequences. A cone impression was found in clayey-mudstone bed of the Srebrna Góra formation that represents one of these flysch sequences. The estimated Middle or even Upper Viséan relative age of this formation was determined based on the underlying paleontologically documented Nowa Wieoe formation. The strobilus specimen is morphologically similar to cones assigned to genera Flemingites and Lepidostrobus, that were produced by arborescent lycopsids. The absence of in situ spores makes a precicse taxonomical determination of the cone impossible. The currently known stratigraphical ranges of the two genera are consistent with the previous opinions on the age of Srebrna Góra formation.

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