Struktury ślizgowe ze stref nasunięć w polskiej części Karpat zewnętrznych

Barbara Rybak


Kinematic indicators from thrust zones in the Polish Outer Carpathians (southern Poland).
S u m m a r y. The studies were concentrated on the Mszana Dolna and Świątkowa Wielka tectonic windows of the Magura nappe, and the southern part of the Silesian nappe called the Fore-Dukla zone. Slickensides were often found to form multilayered structures with numerous slip surfaces. Besides the commonly known striae, tool marks, slickenside steps and detachment fissures, also other previously unreported structures were found, such as squeezes and ribs. The morphology of already well known slickenside-related minute shear fractures R, R’, R1 was characterized in detail. Most of the kinematic indicators determine only the movement trajectories without determining the sense of movement. On the other hand, the most reliable sense of movement indicators are steps, ribs and squeezes accompanied by shear fractures as well as syntectonic, overlapping step-like mineral covers and detachment fissures.

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