Termiczne uwarunkowania zjawiska przemagnesowań dewońskich skał węglanowych w regionie kieleckim Gór Świętokrzyskich

Jacek Grabowski, Marek Narkiewicz, Katarzyna Sobień


Thermal controls on the remagnetization of Devonian carbonate rocks in the Kielce region (Holy Cross Mts).
S u m m a r y. Paleomagnetic and petrological analyses were performed on Devonian carbonate rocks from the Kielce region (Janczyce 1 borehole, Dule, Łagowica escarpment, Budy Quarry) in the Holy Cross Mts. Rock samples were selected from localities with different degree of thermal alteration, diversified lithology and stratigraphy. Investigated carbonates, excluding those from the Budy Quarry, revealed traces of the Early Permian remagnetization related to magnetite. The intensity of the Late Variscan remagnetization is linked to rocks affected by the second stage of dolomitization with increased thermal maturity in the northern part of the Kielce region. The magnetic signal is probably related to rocks’self-cooling, fixed as a result of the latest Carboniferous to Early Permian uplift.

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