Litogeneza piaszczystych osadów międzymorenowych w środkowej części Pojezierza Chełmińskiego

Krystyna Kenig, Leonard Jochemczyk, Marek Trzepla


Lithogenesis of intertills sand deposits from the central part of the Chełmno Lakeland.
S u m m a r y. Intertills sand deposits of the Augustovian, Great and Eemian Interglacials were recognized in eight borehole sections of the Chełmno Lakeland. Wartanian glaciofluvial sediments were also studied. All these deposits are well defined in the area by lithological analyses of granulation, mineral composition of light and heavy fractions, roundness of quartz grains and calcium carbonate content. Their Great and Eemian Interglacial age is evidenced by palynological analyses. Among various lithological features distinguishing the interglacial deposits from glaciofluvial ones the most important are mineral characteristics such as contribution of light and heavy fractions. Quantitative lithological features of the interglacial and glaciofluvial sand deposits resulted from many geologic and sedimentologic factors.

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