Utwory eocenu i oligocenu rejonu Tarnogrodu (północno-wschodnia część zapadliska przedkarpackiego)

Michał Myśliwiec, Piotr Śmist


Eocene and Oligocene sediments of the Tarnogród area (NE part of the Polish Carpathian Foredeep).
S u m m a r y. The series of the clastic and organic Eocene and Oligocene deposits was penetrated by wells drilled in the NE part of the Polish Carpathian Foredeep. These rocks were deposited on the surface of the platform before the process of the foredeep development was started. The recent structural position of the Eocene and Oligocene rocks is the result of the following vertical and strike-slip movements along the NW–SE direction faults in the Paleo and Mesozoic basement. The Oligocene sandstones are good quality reservoir rocks.

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