Wpływ turystyki na zmianę warunków przyrodniczych rejonu Kalatówek w Tatrach polskich

Aleksandra Dusza


Impact of tourism on changes of environment in the Kalatówki area, Polish Tatra Mountains.
Summary. Kalatówki is located in the midlle of the Tatra National Park. It has been a popular place for tourist trips since over 100 years. Different types of tourist activity influence environment in many ways, both direct and indirect. Tourism and skiing are most important activities in the Kalatówki area. Tourism causes changes in soils’ physical parameters (bulk density, particle density, soil moisture, porosity, porosity indicator and TOC) on tourist routes and resting-places. Higher heavy metals contents (chromium, copper, iron, lead, zinc) in soils around cable railway mechanisms are connected with skiing infrastructure influence. Minimizing the negative tourism influence on environment of Kalatówki region is possible only thanks to changes in touristic infrastructure and tourists’ attitudes.

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