Klastyczne utwory badeńskie Roztocza — przebieg sedymentacji w północnej marginalnej strefie basenu zapadliska przedkarpackiego

Anna Wysocka


Badenian clastic deposits of the Roztocze Hills area — evolution of sedimentation on the northern outer ramp of the Carpathian Foredeep Basin.
S u m m a r y. The Carpathian Foredeep Basin is the northern compartment of a foreland basin system that surrounds the Carpathian orogenic belt. The Roztocze Hills area, during Badenian deposition, belonged to the northern part of the outer ramp of the Carpatian Foreland Basin. The sedimentary conditions of the clastic Badenian deposits of the Roztocze Hills are reconstructed, in the territories of Poland and Ukraine. The lithology and sedimentary structures of clastic rocks point to a high-energy, shallow-water, normal-marine environment connected with the offshore and open sea zone. The characteristic of the Badenian succession allows an interpretation of the environment and its change during sedimentation. Deposition during the Badenian in the Roztocze Hills area was strongly connected with the evolution of the Carpathian Foredeep. Initially sedimentation was mainly dependent on hydrodynamic factors and connected with the outer ramp conditions. However, during the Late Badenian, the influence of diastrophic factors gradually increased and sedimentation was connected with outer foredeep conditions.

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