Uwagi o plejstoceńskich glacjałach i interglacjałach

Hanna Winter


Problem of Pleistocene interglacials and glaciations — general remarks.
Summary. The paper discusses issues of the distinguishing mono-interglacials (Eemian, Mazovian and Zbojnian ones) and bi-interglacials (Ferdynandovian and Augustovian ones) pollen successions as well as a problem of cooling/glaciation within Ferdynandovian and Augustovian pollen successions. Division of the Ferdynandovian and Augustovian pollen successions into two separated interglacials each (FI and FII, AI and A II, respectivaly) and the glaciation sensu lato (F I/II and A I/II) between these interglacials from the climatostratigraphical point of view is proposed.

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