Późnoplejstoceńska i holoceńska ewolucja torfowiska Durne Bagno (Polesie Lubelskie)

Krystyna Bałaga, Radosław Dobrowolski, Jan Rodzik


Late Pleistocene and Holocene evolution of the Durne Bagno peat bog (Lublin Polesie).
Summary. The Durne Bagno peat bog is the eastern, peripheral part of a large marshland complex in the Lublin Polesie. Limnic biogenic deposits occurring directly on mineral deposits are up to 8.5 m thick. They exhibit great vertical facial variability and small lateral differentiation. This indicates that the conditions of sedimentation/sedentation were similar in the whole basin in particular time intervals. The chronostratigraphically-correlated sequence of sediments allows reconstruction of the geosystem evolution in recent 13 ka BP. In its entire Late Glacial and Holocene history two basic stages may be distinguished: lacustrine (OD — middle AT) and mire (middle AT — present time)

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