Skały subwulkaniczne Żeleźniaka w Górach Kaczawskich na tle granitu Karkonoszy

Katarzyna Machowiak, Wioletta Niemczyk


Subvolcanic rocks of the Żeleźniak intrusion (Kaczawa Mountains) compared with the Karkonosze granite.
Summary. The Żeleźniak intrusion (Kaczawa Mts.) has been usually correlated with the Karkonosze pluton, and a common igneous source of these two bodies was suggested. This paper presents the results of geochemical investigation (main, trace and rare elements) for Żeleźniak igneous rocks and hypothetically related Karkonosze granite (from the Janowice Wielkie area). The preliminary data correlation shows that their co-magmatic origin is rather unlikely.

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