Regionalizacja tektoniczna Polski a geologiczna baza danych PITAKA

Paweł Oziembłowski, Paweł H. Karnkowski


Regional tectonic subdivision of Poland versus geological database PITAKA.
A b s t r a c t. Discussion on the tectonic regional subdivision of Poland is a good opportunity to show a range of geological information of each tectonic unit and to emphasize the necessity of improvement of geological tectonic classifications, application of which in the geological databases is essential for correct usage of data collected. A good example is a geological and geophysical database PITAKA developed in the Polish Oil and Gas Company from 1987. Actually the PITAKA database contains data from 3191 boreholes which drilled Permian and younger deposits and from 4555 boreholes pierced into the older rocks. This paper presents location of 2D and 3D seismic studies done in digital technology from its introduction in Poland in 1973. In the Polish Lowlands area the Fore-Sudetic Monocline is the best geologically recognized region. The Pomeranian Anticlinorium and the Szczecin-Gorzów Synclinorium are relatively well documented. Numerous boreholes and seismic sections in those areas are associated with intensity of exploration of raw material deposits such as hydrocarbons, coal, copper, zinc and lead, sulfur and salts. Until now the PITAKA database does not contain all drilling data from Poland but it is constantly extended and supplemented.

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