Regionalizacja tektoniczna Polski — Góry Świętokrzyskie i regiony przyległe

Andrzej Konon


Tectonic subdivision of Poland: Holy Cross Mountains and adjacent areas.
A b s t r a c t. The Holy Cross Mountains Fold Belt, the Odrzywół–Ćmielów Graben, the Radom–Kraśnik Horst and the Mazovia–Lublin Graben are located in the contact zone between the Paleozoic Platform and the East European Craton, eastwards of the Variscan foreland basin. The Holy Cross Mountains Fold Belt consists of the Kielce and the Łysogóry Fold Zones. The boundary between the Kielce and Łysogóry Fold Zones is formed by the Holy Cross Fault. Southwestern border of the Kielce Fold Zone is probably consistent with the extent of the folds in the Małopolska Block. The Łysogóry Fold Zone is probably bordered from northeast by the Skrzynno Fault, which is also a boundary of the Radom–Kraśnik Horst from the southwest. The Radom–Kraśnik and the Mazovia–Lublin Graben are separated by the Kazimierz–Ursynów Fault. Northeastern border of the graben is the Kock Fault.

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