Dajki klastyczne i brekcje sejsmotektoniczne w utworach permu basenu Nachodu (Sudety Środkowe)

Jurand Wojewoda, Stanisław Burliga


Clastic dikes and seismotectonic breccia in Permian deposits of the Nachod Basin (Middle Sudetes).
A b s t r a c t . Clastic dikes have been evidenced in Permian conglomerates occurring near Kudowa Zdrój in the Nachod Basin, the Sudetes, NE Bohemian Massif. The lithology of the dikes is the same as that of the polimictic conglomerate hosting them; they only differ in textural characteristics. The spatial orientation of the dikes points out to their genetic relationship with a nearby fault that, in a map view, separates Permian and Cretaceous formations. The dikes must have intruded after tectonic rotation of conglomerate beds on the fault to a position similar to the present one and they represent record of post-diagenetic seismotectonic events.

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