Komory dyfuzyjne — przykład zróżnicowanej reologicznie reakcji osadu ziarnistego na wstrząs sejsmiczny

Jurand Wojewoda


Diffusional cells — an example of differentiated rheological reaction of granular sediment to seismic shock.
A b s t r a c t. Frontally fluidized slump sheet containing water-and-sediment escape structures, interpreted as earthquake-driven deposit occur in Permian conglomerates in Goliñsk (Saxonian, Mieroszów Conglomerate Member) in the Intrasudetic Synclinorium. Their internal architecture, lithology and position within the slump sheet suggest a rheologically differentiated reaction of sediment to the seismic shock — from brittle failure to liquefaction. The onset of the latter involved diffusional grain displacement in zones of contrasting density resulted from brittle fracture in unconsolidated sediment.

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