Estymacja wybranych parametrów petrofizycznych na podstawie atrybutów sejsmicznych oraz danych geofizyki otworowej, przedgórze Karpat

Marcin Kobylarski, Kaja Pietsch, Jerzy Kowalczuk


Estimation of chosen petrophysical parameters on the basis of seismic attributes and well data, the Carpathian Foreland.
A b s t r a c t.Thearticle presents an attempt of determination of petrophysical parameters distribution within the Cenomanian complex localized in the central part of the Carpathian Foreland. Well-logging data, P and PS wavefields were used in the research. On the basis of the detailed analyses (i.e., seismic modeling, seismic inversion, AVO analysis) distribution of acoustic and elastic impedances, S-wave impedance, P and S-wave velocities and AVO product were calculated. Application of a geostatistical method with a use of obtained attributes and log data enabled estimation of porosity, clay content distributions and gas saturation along the profile.

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