Wstępne dane o nagromadzeniu jeżowców z rodzaju Conulus w profilu dolnego turonu Glanowa (niecka miechowska)

Tomasz Borszcz, Artur Gajerski, Michał Rakociński, Adam Szczepańczyk


Apreliminary report on echinoid accumulations of the genus Conulus in the Lower Turonian at Glanów of the Miechów Trough — southern Poland.
A b s t r a c t. An interesting phenomenon of echinoid accumulation occurring in the Lower Turonian (Mytiloides labiatus Zone) at Glanów village (Miechów Upland) is the main topic of the paper. The bed investigated consists of poorly cemented sandy-marly limestones with thickness of about 30 cm. The accumulation of echinoids is older than that of documented in Wielkanoc which is of middle- to-late Turonian age and situated in the same region under study. Apart from a dominant echinoid species Conulus subrotundus Mantell represented by adult and juvenile forms that are dispersed in the bed, the second echinoid species — a regular form Salenocidaris granulosa (Woodward)—has also been noted. Additionally, the skeletal elements of crinoids, ophiuroids, asteroids, as well as bryozoans, annelids, poriferans and shark teeth have also been found in the bed under study. Preliminary observations indicate that the origin of the echinoid accumulation corresponds well with the Conulus bed from the Wielkanoc quarry as a result of luxuriant development of echinoids and complex sedimentological, paleoecological and tectonic factors.

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