Przyczyny zanieczyszczenia wód podziemnych ujęcia Tursko dla miasta Pleszewa (województwo wielkopolskie)

Krzysztof Dragon, Józef Górski


The causes of the groundwater quality deterioration at the Tursko well-field supplying the town Pleszew (Wielkopolska Region).
A b s t r a c t. The article presents the causes of groundwater quality deterioration resulted from bacterial and chemical contamination of the Tursko A well-field supplying water for the town Pleszew and surrounding villages. Presented problem is an example of serious consequences resulted from the lack of properly functioning rules of groundwater monitoring systems and regulations of groundwater protection, particularly in cases of high vulnerability of an aquifer exposed to influence of diverse groundwater pollution sources. Particular notice was made to the influence of the land reclamation drainage system on groundwater quality. The problem discussed demonstrates meaningfully negative consequences of the obligatory of groundwater protection zone abolition in 2001. The serious consequences of these law circumstances give rise to restore them according to its former state at least in cases of public well-fields.

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