Czy i gdzie mamy w Polsce ślady przedostatniego interglacjału (lubawskiego, lubelskiego)?

Leszek Lindner


Is the penultimate (Lubavian, Lublinian) interglacial present in Poland and where are its traces?
A b s t r a c t. Based on documented examples, distinguishing the penultimate interglacial located at 7 OIS (251.000–195.000 years BP) has been proved correct in the Pleistocene of Europe. In Poland this interglacial is documented by lacustrine deposits of the Lubavian Interglacial (the sites: Grabówka, Losy), a mid-loess soil complex of the Tomaszów type (the sites: Odonów, Tomaszów, Nieledew, Branice, Łopatki) of the Lublinian Interglacial and marine deposits of the so-called Sztum Sea (the site Nowiny). Out of Poland it is characterized by marine deposits of the Grødeland Interglacial, as well as by lacustrine deposits of the Le Buchet, Uecker, Snaigupélé, Shklov, Cherepet Interglacial, and the Korshev, Kaydaki mid-loess soil complex. It is also possible that part of the sites in the Polish Lowlands that previously have been, solely on the basis of palynologic experts, attributed to the last interglacial (Eemian), in fact represent the penultimate interglacial (Lubavian, Lublinian), separating the Krznanian Glaciation (8 OIS) from the Odranian Glaciation (6 OIS).

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