Wiek formacji szlachtowskiej (tzw. czarnego fliszu) i formacji z Opaleńca pienińskiego pasa skałkowego w Polsce na podstawie badań dinocyst

Przemysław Gedl


The age of the Szlachtowa Formation (the so-called “black flysch”) and the Opaleniec Formation (Pieniny Klippen Belt, Poland) based on dinoflagellate cyst studies.
A b s t r a c t. The Szlachtowa and the Opaleniec formations (Pieniny Klippen Belt, Poland) contain rich dinoflagellate cyst assemblages. The one from the Szlachtowa Formation (previously known as the “black flysch”) is dominated by specimens representing the genera Dissiliodinium and Nannoceratopsis. The age of dinoflagellate cysts from this lithostratigraphic unit can be assumed as the Aalenian-Bajocian. Another assemblage occurs in the Opaleniec Formation. Being taxonomically more diverse, it contains several species including Ctenidodinium combazii, C. ornatum, Endoscrinium asymmetricum, Epiplosphaera gochtii, E. reticulata, Atopodinium prostatum, Adnatosphaeridium caulleryi. Age-range of this assemblage can be estimated as the Bajocian-Bathonian. No indications of Jurassic fossil redeposition that could justify suggestions of Cretaceous age of these lithostratigraphic units have been found.

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