Kilka uwag o interglacjale mazowieckim we wschodniej Polsce

Hanna Winter


Some remarks on the Mazovian Interglacial in Eastern Poland.
A b s t r a c t . Eastern Poland is a region, where a lot of sites with detailed palynological records of the Mazovian (Holsteinian) Interglacial are located. The pollen succession of this interglacial in Eastern Poland has specific features: high proportions of Pterocarya pollen, the occurrence of Parrotia pollen and a distinct share of pollen of other exotic taxa, among others: Juglans, Ilex, Celtis, Buxus and Vitis. Palynological studies reveal variability proportions of Taxus in theMa IV Taxus-Picea-Alnus zone. The presence of intra-interglacial cooling is distinct in sediments of this age.

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