Wykorzystanie wielowymiarowych metod statystycznych w geologicznej interpretacji profilowań geofizyki otworowej w mioceńskich utworach z rejonu złoża gazu Dzików w SE Polsce

Monika Kaźmierczuk


Application of statistical methods to geological interpretation of well logs of the Miocene formation in the area of Dzików gas field in SE Poland.
A b s t r a c t. The Miocene formation in the area of Dzików gas field is built of very thin sandy-shaly layers and thick sandstone layers so-called Dzików sandstones. Log data from wells: Dzików-12, Dzików-13 and Dzików-15 were processed with statistical methods. Principal Component Analysis was used for grouping and specifying well log data. It contributes to reducing the number of variables from a dozen of logs to four variables. Clustering, discrimination and classification are statistical tools facilitating data arrangement and preliminary data grouping according to natural petrophysical features of analysed rocks. Applied statistical methods are helpful tool assisting interpretation of log data.

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