Nowe perspektywy poszukiwawcze na bazie reprocessingu danych sejsmicznych 3D z rejonu Sokołów–Pogwizdów (zapadlisko przedkarpackie)

Mieczysława Zubrzycka, Barbara Czerwińska, Bożena Nikiel-Tshabangu, Zdzisław Zubrzycki


New perspectives for hydrocarbon prospecting in the Sokołów–Pogwizdów region (Carpathian Foredeep) as show by reprocessing of 3D seismic data.
A b s t r a c t . Reprocessing of 3D seismic data from the Carpathian Foreland and new interpretation techniques enabled more accurate mapping of structure and facies distribution of Miocene series and their bedrock. The reprocessing of a part of Sokołów Małopolski–Smolarzyny, 2001 3D seismic survey carried out in 2006 was focused on the Pogwizdów structure. Application of GeoProbe® software and the detailed analysis of seismic trace attributes along with the structural interpretation gave new information on morphology of the pre-Miocene bedrock and Miocene series. The area of erosional channels (paleovalleys), where anhydrite sediments and probably the Baranów Beds were distinguished, is particularly interesting as it is characterized by some distinctive anomalies of the analyzed seismic attributes. The evidence for presence of anhydrite within the so called anhydrite-less island significantly enhances probability of discovering new gas fields with the Baranów Beds as reservoirs and anhydrites as a seal. The number of potential gas fields should compensate for their small reserves.

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