Izotopy tlenu i siarki gipsów czapy solnej Mogilna

Joanna Jaworska, Paweł Wilkosz, Rafał Ratajczak


Oxygen and sulphur isotopes from gypsum cap rock of the Mogilno salt dome
A b s t r a c t . Oxygen and sulphur isotope composition of gypsum cap rock of theMogilno salt dome was studied. The δ18O values (given in SMOW) were established in SO4 and in H2O (water of crystallization) and δ34S values (given in CDT) in SO4. The δ18O content in SO4, clearly enriched in heavy isotope of oxygen (about 13‰), indicate crystallization of gypsum in the Zechstein evaporitic basin whereas differences in δ18O values of crystallization water show that this mineral was subsequently affected by the late diagenetic processes.

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