Procesy ługowania na przykładzie wysadu solnego Wapna

Rafał Ratajczak, Joanna Jaworska


Leaching processes — the case study of the Wapno salt dome
A b s t r a c t . TheWapno salt dome is one of the smallest diapirs in the Polish Lowland. The central part of this diapir is built of salt rocks of PZ2 cyclotheme, representing 90% of whole salt rock masses in the diapir. The salt dome consists of two elements: a salt stock and so-called gypsum caprock which covers the salt body. The caprock surface is also affected by processes of dissolution and leaching. Dissolution of the sulphate and salt rocks resulted in origin of subrosional collapse sinks, collapse dolinas, fissures and caverns filled by colluvium or eluvium

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