Polskie magazyny gazu ziemnego — od Mogilna do Kosakowa

Teresa Laskowska, Jan Szczebyło, Kazimierz Gąska, Paweł Wilkosz


Polish underground gas storages — from Mogilno to Kosakowo
A b s t r a c t . In Poland, very advantageous conditions for location of Underground Gas Storage (UGS) are found in salt domes and stratiform deposits. At the present two underground storages are being used: UGS at Mogilno and UPS (Undergraund Petroleum Storage) at Góra. The Mogilno UGS, operatin g since 1997, is the first and still the only gas storage facility constructed in salt dome. Their working capacity is 380x106 m3 and 800x106 m3 is being planned in the future. The Mechelinki rock salt deposit was selected as a site for construction of second modern UGS on the basis of its advantageous geological-mining, technical and economic conditions. The storage chambers will be situated in Na1 Zechstein rock salts, at about 1000 m depth. Minimum salt seam thickness required for construction of the storage chambers is 160 m. In the first stage it is planned to constgruct 10 chambers with working capacity of the order of 250x106 nm3 of gas. The total time of lasting for investment is being assessed to about 156 months (13 years). Individual chambers will be put into use successively. Two first storage chambers with total capacity of about 50x106 nm3 will be put into operation in 2013.

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