Małe otwornice „eocenu numulitowego” Tatr — stratygrafia i paleośrodowisko

Barbara Olszewska


Small foraminifera of “Nummulitic Eocene” of the Tatra Mts.—stratigraphical aspect and paleoenvironment.
A b s t r a c t . Shallow-water carbonate sediments of the so called “Nummulitic Eocene” of the Tatra Mts. yield numerous large foraminifera as well as abundant and diversified assemblages of small foraminifera. Both benthic and planktic species indicate the late Bartonian-Priabonian age of the “Nummulitic Eocene”. Paleoenvironmental analysis of the identified assemblages demonstrated their correlation with the Arni’s sedimentological model of the shallow-water carbonate sediments. The affiliations of foraminiferal faunas with the bioprovince of the Mediterranean Tethys have also been indicated.

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