Profil keloweju i górnej jury w niecce Nidy

Zbigniew Złonkiewicz


The Callovian and Upper Jurassic section in the Nida Trough.
A b s t r a c t. The Callovian and Upper Jurassic strata in the Nida Trough are similar to those from SW margin of Holy Cross Mountains, so the same lithostratigraphic pattern may be applied. Three facies zones are distinguished: NW, central and SE. Black deposits of the Middle Jurassic are covered by the Sandy Limestones and Marls (lower Callovian–Bukowskii Subz. Cordatum Z.). Locally, these strata are separated by the Calcareous Sandstones (uppermost Bathonian–lower Callovian). The Marly Limestones and Marls represent Bukowskii Subz. Cordatum Z.– Plicatilis Z. The Morawica Limestones represent Plicatilis Z. Bimammatum Z. The Siedlce Limestones (facies: pelitic, pelitic-sponge, pelitic-coral) reach the Platynota Z. in central and NW part and the top of Hypselocyclum Z. in a narrow zone in SE part of Nida Trough. The Chalky Limestones (facies: pelitic, biostromal) are equivalents of the uppermost Siedlce Limestones in the centre of the Nida Trough. Beyond this narrow zone in the SE part of the Nida Trough, the Lowermost Marly Horizon (Platynota Z.) and deposits of shallow water carbonate platform (Platynota Z.–Hypselocyclum Z.), Lower & Upper Oolites, Banded Limestones, Oolite-Platy Member, Platy Detrital Limestones, Platy Limestones and Underlying Shales are distinguished. The uppermost part of the incomplete section (Divisum Z. and Mutabilis Z.) is represented by the Skorków Lumachelles and Upper Platy Limestones in the entire Nida Trough while the Staniewice Lumachelles occur in its SE part. The knowledge of the Middle–Upper Jurassic deposits of the Nida Trough is important for palaeogeographical reconstructions of the whole Southern Poland, as the Nida Trough links other regions where the Jurassic deposits are well recognized in numerous outcrops and borehole sections.

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