Pochodzenie i wiek wody mineralnej w Dobrowodzie k. Buska Zdroju

Józef Chowaniec, Joanna Najman, Barbara Olszewska, Andrzej Zuber


Origin and age of mineral water at Dobrowoda near the Busko Spa.
A b s t r a c t . In Dobrowoda village which is situated within the central area of the Polish Carpathian Foredeep, saline sulphur water has been found in a deep depression filled with Badenian sands. Environmental tracer data indicate similar interglacial age as that of shallow mineral waters occuring in Cretaceous marls in the nearby Busko Spa. Primary sulphates and secondary sulphides in all mineral waters of this region originated mainly from the dissolution of Badenian gypsum strata whereas the salinity is supposed to be the remnant of chloride salts of the same age which were completely washed out by meteoric waters during the long infiltration period after the regression of the Miocene sea. The hypothetical recharge area(s) are to the west of the study area, which means that chemical Badenian sediments occupied much larger area than the present extent of the sulphate series.

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