Unikalne stanowisko szczątków mamuta na Dolnym Śląsku

Andrzej Wiśniewski, Piotr Wojtal, Alina Krzemińska, Joanna Zych, Bogusław Przybylski, Janusz Badura, Dariusz Ciszek


Unique site of the mammoth remains in the Lower Silesia.
A b s t r a c t . Aunique set of mammoth bones and tusk was found in active gravel pit in vicinities of Zastruże near Żarów, Lower Silesia. The use of archaeological methods made it possible to uncover 17 bones belonging to a single individual (Mammuthus primigenius). This is the first record of so complete set of mammoth bones in the Lower Silesian region. Mammoth remains were found to be accompanied by some bones of a horse and a flint artifact. The mammoth bones were dated radiocarbon method at 23 790 ± 160 years, that is at the beginning of the last Pleniglacial of the Weichselian Glaciation. The mammoth remains were embedded in slope sediments of a small valley so they did not occurin anatomical order.

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