Przestrzenny model utworów eocenu numulitowego pomiędzy Doliną Małej £ąki a Doliną Lejową w Tatrach

Maciej Tomaszczyk, Jacek Rubinkiewicz, Agnieszka Borecka


Geological 3D spatial model of the nummulitic Eocene between Mała Łąka and Lejowa valleys in Tatra Mts.
A b s t r a c t . The study area is located in the northern part of the Tatra Mts. The 3D geological model of the nummulitic Eocene is based on geological surface data, cross-sections as well as digital elevation model. Model contains six lithological units: nummulitic limestones, detritic limestones, dolomitic sandstones, grey conglomerates, red conglomerates and also comprise two vertical faults. Geological model allows to create solids, surfaces and various horizontal and vertical sections. Based on these it was possible to estimate spatial distribution and thickness variations of modeling units and verify position of geological contacts. An analysis of the model defined fault’s displacement parameters and confirmed synsedimentary origin of faults.

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