ARTYKUŁY NAUKOWE Chronologia i zasięgi nasunięć lądolodu na obszarze lobu Wisły podczas stadiału głównego ostatniego zlodowacenia

Wojciech Wysota, Paweł Molewski


Chronology and extents of ice sheet advances in the Vistula lobe area during the Main Stage of the Last Glaciation.
A b s t r a c t. During the maximum of the last glaciation the Vistula ice lobe was one of the key morphological elements at southern margin of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet in north-central Poland. The area of the Vistula ice lobe experienced two ice sheet advances of varied extent, the earlier one during the Leszno Phase and the younger one in the Poznań Phase. According to the authors, the limit of the Leszno Phase within the study area was much smaller than hitherto accepted and its age is estimated at about 20.5 ka BP. Significant ice sheet retreat was followed by an ice readvance during the Poznań Phase, overriding the extent of the Leszno Phase. The Poznań readvance reached the maximum limit in the Vistula ice lobe area about 18.5 ka BP. It is assumed that the rapid ice sheet transgression during the Poznań Phase (on average 400 m/a) and origin of the Vistula lobe were probably connected with activity of the palaeo-ice stream

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