Określanie parametrów wektora przemieszczenia uskoku na podstawie rozsunięcia biegowego

Michał Śmigielski, Marek Koprianiuk, Andrzej Konon


Determination of fault displacement vector parameters based on strike separation.
A b s t r a c t. A theoretical method is proposed for determining the relation between the potential dip-slip and strike-slip of the fault. This method is based on strike separation and allows for estimating the minimal displacement value along the fault for its sector where the strike separation was measured. Moreover, the value of total slip for different scenarios of the fault movement can be estimated using this method. Such assessments can be very useful in disproving hypotheses by comparing the obtained total slip values with geological data. The usability of this method is shown at the example of analysis of displacements along the Łysogóry Fault in the Holy Cross Mts.

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