Wstępna ocena składowych naturalnego bilansu wodnego na podstawie obserwacji w lizymetrach

Anna Żurek


Initial assessment of natural water balance elements on the basis of lysimeter measurements.
A b s t r a c t. The initial results of measurements in 4 lysimeter station are presented. The research station is localized in Cracow at AGH area. The measurements have been started in the end of November 2005. One of the lysimeter (A) is weighable, with automatic parameter storing on data logger. The rest of the lysimeters (I, II, III) are gravitation ones with standard seepage water collectors. The lysimeters have been filled with the consolidated medium sands from Bukowno sand pit (A, I), Bolesław (II) and Cholerzyn (III) ones. The infiltration coefficients for lysimeter soils have been assessed as the ratio of measured leaching and precipitation. The fluctuations of the lysimeter A weight against precipitation and infiltration have been allowed to draw some conclusions about the intensity of evaporation and seepage processes.

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