Historia zlodowacenia doliny Łomnicy w Karkonoszach w zapisie mikromorfologii powierzchni ziarn kwarcu

Andrzej Traczyk, Barbara Woronko


The history of glaciation of the £omnica Valley in Karkonosze as shown by the quartz grain surface micromorphology records.
A b s t r a c t. The Łomnica Valley (Karkonosze Mountains, Sudety Mountains) was glaciated during the Pleistocene. The question if the valley was glaciated once or more times is still not answered despite many research methods were used in numerous investigations. To answer the question and reconstruct the conditions accompanying the process of sediment transport in the glacial environment, the analyse of micromorphology of sand quartz grain surfaces in SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) was used. The survey was conducted on the youngest and the oldest known moraine deposits occurring along the whole valley floor. The glacial deposits were compared to the waste deposits. Obtained results confirmed that the valley had been glaciated at least twice in the Pleistocene and that the conditions of glacial transport had varied.

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