Podziemny odpływ jednostkowy w Bieszczadach Wysokich

Joanna Plenzler, Joanna Bajorek, Barbara Jaśkowiec, Adam Kołodziej, Bartłomiej Rzonca, Janusz Siwek, Sabina Wójcik


Specific base flow in the High Bieszczady Mountains.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents spatial distribution of base flow in the High Bieszczady Mts. (the Outer Carpathians). Discharges in 30 investigated catchments were measured in October 2009 during low flow period. Differences observed in unit base flow were varying from 0.9 dm3 s-1 km-2 in the Niedźwiedzi catchment to 6.8 dm3 s-1 km-2 in the Hulski catchment. Occurrence of colluviums is conducive to high values of base flow. On the other hand, low values of base flow are common to catchments drained by short and shallow streams. Correlations between unit base flow and stream density, altitude or geological unit were not proved.

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