Udział mikroorganizmów w przebiegu procesów biogeochemicznych w geologicznych środowiskach przypowierzchniowych. Część II – mikroorganizmy beztlenowe

Dorota Wolicka


Participation of microorganisms in biogeochemical processes in geological near-surface environment. Part II – Anaerobic microorganisms.
A b s t r a c t. Microorganisms play key roles in the biosphere, particularly in the areas of element biotransformations and biogeochemical cycling, mineral transformations, decomposition, bioweathering, and soil and sediment formation. Direct and indirect physical, chemical and biochemical mechanisms are involved in mineral biotransformation by microbes. The role of anaerobic microorganisms and influence of their activity products on geological environmental condition in the weathering zone of lithosphere is discussed. The most important anaerobic microorganisms are sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB) and methanogenic Archaea. These groups of microorganisms play significant role in biodegradation of organic matter and participate in formation of different kind of mineral phases e.g. carbonates and metal sulphides.

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