Skamieniałości śladowe wczesnego i środkowego triasu domeny Fatricum w Tatrach i ich znaczenie paleośrodowiskowe

Tomasz Rychliński, Alfred Uchman


Early and Middle Triassic trace fossils of the Fatricum domain in the Tatra Mountains and their palaeoenvironmental significance.
A b s t r a c t. Trace fossils of the Olenekian clastic deposits (Fatricum domain) in the Tatra Mts. include Rhizocorallium isp., Palaeophycus striatus, cf. Palaeophycus isp. and cf. Chondrites isp., while Planolites isp., Thalassinoides isp., Rhizocorallium isp. and Balanoglossites isp. occur in the Anisian carbonates. The Anisian trace fossil assemblage is less diverse and abundant than in the coeval carbonates of the Tatricum domain. Both, the Olenekian and Anisian trace fossils represent the impoverished Cruziana ichnofacies influenced by the increased salinity. Bioturbational structures are much less abundant than in the Anisian of the Tatricum. They are partly obliterated by diagenetic processes.

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