Refleksje krytyczne nad austro-węgierskimi reliktami w stratygrafii dolnego triasu w Tatrach

Michał Szulczewski


Critical comments on the Austro-Hungarian relics in the Lower Triassic stratigraphy in the Tatra Mountains.
A b s t r a c t. The stratigraphic subdivision of the Lower Triassic in the Polish Tatra Mountains is composed solely of units of Alpine origin set in variable configurations. Unification of the stratigraphic classification over a vast area situated between the Dolomites and the Tatra Mountains is partly an effect of its long lasting integration in one state and within the domain of German-speaking geologists. This subdivision has never been soundly applied to the Lower Triassic of the Tatra Mts. on either palaeontological or any other satisfying basis. It has also lost its ground in its type areas, where other stages of extra-European origin has since long been adopted. Hence, the Werfenian, Seisian, Campilian, as well as the Scythian and the Myophoria Beds need to be definitely removed from the stratigraphic nomenclature and replaced with lithostratigraphic subdivision. The lithostratigraphic units should be implemented within their natural limits, therefore the units that have so far been created in the Slovakian part of the Carpathians should be adopted as it is possible.

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