Grunty antropogeniczne w dokumentowaniu warunków geologiczno-inżynierskich dla budowli drogowych – wybrane problemy

Krzysztof Cabalski, Michał Radzikowski


Anthropogenic soils in documenting geological-engineering conditions for road building – selected problems.
A b s t r a c t. The article presents some of the problems related to the practice of documenting anthropogenic soils, focusing primarily on linear investments such as roads. It discusses the rank of anthropogenic soils in soils classification as in PN-86/B-02480: Building soils. Definition, symbols, and description of the soils classification and it elaborates on the difficulties in distinguishing anthropogenic from indigenous soils. Using the example, inter alia, of Trasa Armii Krajowej in Warsaw, the Authors present problems associated with construction on anthropogenic soils, including those soils with great thickness, and illustrate problems with assessment of the condition of old berms, predominantly consisting of ashes. In addition, the article demonstrates that the study of anthropogenic soil construction should be comprehensive and should entail indigenous soils in the immediate vicinity of the site.

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