Linearne ułożenie kości w suchym środowisku lądowym na podstawie aktualistycznych badań legowisk lisa pospolitego (Vulpes vulpes Linnaeus) w sztolniach w Potoku Senderkach, Roztocze Środkowe

Maciej Krajcarz, Magdalena Krajcarz


Linear orientation of bone remains in dry land environment based on actualistic researches of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes Linnaeus) dens in underground quarry atmines in Potok Senderki, Central Roztocze.
A b s t r a c t . The paper presents new data on origin of parallel orientation of modern assemblages of bone remains in dry, terrestrial environment, unaffected by any influence of hydraulic processes. The studies were carried out in the gallery no. 6 of ancient underground millstone quarry situated in forests near the Potok Senderki village, Central Roztocze Upland. The studied material included animal bone remains found in dry gallery, presently inhabited by red foxes (Vulpes vulpes L.). Azimuths of long bone axes as well as strike azimuths o vertical adit walls which confine occurrence of bone clusters, were measured using geological compass. The obtained results make it possible to conclude that linear parallel orientation of bone remains may occur in a dry, terrestrial environment. Such orientation of clusters is formed mainly due to repetitive movement of carnivores along vertical walls of the adit whereas no influence of hydraulic processes is needed here. The presence of a distinct, preferred orientation of the bones requires interaction of two specific factors: the place has to be inhabited by carnivorous animals for a long time (at least for a few months) and the corridor, along which animals move, has to be bounded by steep to vertical walls. Caves are particularly predisposed type of sites, where the occurrence of linear bone orientation may be expected. The studies were dealing with effects of actualistic processes but the described situation and the obtained conclusions may be valid in the case of fossil bone assemblages, for example those of the Pleistocene age.

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