Contribution of the Polish scientific community in solving new practical problems in hydrogeology

Piotr Herbich, Bogusław Kazimierski, Ewa Krogulec, Jerzy J. Małecki, Janusz Michalak


A b s t r a c t. Geology, and especially hydrogeology is a scientific, and at the same time, a practical discipline that are closely related to each other. Academics do support practitioners by developing methodological guidelines for all practical aspects of their work. Among their activities are: organisation of databases, which are mostly available via the internet; development of geological and hydrogeological cartography, which is a synthesis of all information regarding geological and hydrogeological environment; undertaking groundwater monitoring programmes and interpretations of their results, which allows to diagnose and to forecast groundwater status; undertaking investigations regarding protection of groundwater as well as methodological support for hydrogeological practitioners by organisation of specialised trainings, provision of consultancy, expert judgements and dissemination of knowledge.

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