Wody geotermalne na Niżu Polskim

Wojciech Górecki


Geothermal waters in the Polish Lowlands.
A b s t r a c t . The paper presents an outline of studies on the potential for utilization of geothermal waters and energy from sedimentary basins of the Polish Lowlands. The history of geothermal investigations in this region was described. High- and low-temperature geothermal systems in the world and in Europe were characterized. Occurrence of geothermal waters in Poland was portrayed. Basic parameters of the waters and factors controlling economically justified exploitation of geothermal waters were discussed. Low temperature heating systems with heat pumps were characterized. Resources of geothermal waters and energy in Poland represent average European values and are estimated at about 2.9 × 1017 J/km2, that is similar to resources in Spain and France or United Kingdom. Higher water temperatures at comparable depths occur in southern part of Europe, especially in Hungary and Italy, which results from particularly advantageous relationship between geological and thermal parameters. Basic geothermal water resources in the Polish Lowlands are related to theMesozoic aquifers. The geothermal waters are accumulated in sandy formations of Lower Cretaceous and Lower Jurassic. Considerable geothermal energy resources are accumulated in waters of the Upper Jurassic, Middle Jurassic, Upper Triassic and Lower Triassic aquifers. Research projects completed in the last years by a team from the Department of Fossil Fuels, AGH – University of Science and Technology, enabled assessment of geothermal potential related to water-bearing deposits of the Paleozoic formation from Cambrian up to Permian. The low-temperature heating systems with heat pumps were described. They have wider and wider application in Poland for heating individual houses, apartment blocks, municipal buildings and sacral architecture objects. Low operating costs of the low-temperature systems and quick return of investment expenditures are worth to notice.

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