Uwagi do nomenklatury skał węglanowych triasu tatrzańskiego

Piotr Jaglarz, Tomasz Rychliński


Remarks on nomenclature of Triassic carbonate rocks from the Tatra Mts.
A b s t r a c t. The Upper Olenekian and Middle Triassic shallow water carbonates from Tatra Mts. were hitherto described using old, descriptive nomenclature only. Moreover, some sedimentological features were also misinterpreted, for example, fenestral structures were described mostly as organic ones. Authors carried out genetic reinterpretation of these sediments and selected sedimentological structures, which allow to apply modern terminology for the mentioned carbonate rocks. Generally, dolomites with fenestral structures are interpreted as early diagenetic sabkha dolomites with pseudomorphs after sulfates (gipsum, anhydrite). Fenestral structures in dedolomites are also interpreted as evaporite pseudomorphs while those developed in mudstones are interpreted as pseudomorphs after celestite. Dolosparites, earlier described as “sugar dolomites”, are actually dolomitized calcarenites (grainstones and packstones).

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