Petrografia i proweniencja piaskowców jury dolnej formacji piaskowca z Koperszadów w jednostce kriżniańskiej rejonu Kop Sołtysich w Tatrach

Monika Popiołek, Dorota Salata, Alfred Uchman


Petrography and provenance of Lower Jurassic sandstones of the Med’odoly Sandstone Formation in the Krina Unit of the Kopy Sołtysie region in the Tatra Mountains.
A b s t r a c t . Petrographic types of sandstones belonging to the Baboš Quartzite Mb (Sinemurian) and the Waksmundzka Sandstone Mb (Sinemurian-?Lotharingian) of the Med’odoly Sandstone Fm (Krina Unit, Fatricum) in the Kopy Sołtysie region were identified. In the literature, they were usually described as quartzites or quartzose sandstones, but in fact they represent quartz arenites or subarkose arenites. Their composition indicates that the source of clastic material was of a cratonic interior type or related to a recycled orogenic material rich in quartz. It is possible that the source was located in elevated parts of the Tatricum or Hronicum domains. Sedimentary features and facies context point to deepening of sedimentary environment from the shallower shelf (Baboš Quartzite Mb) to that of a deeper shelf (Waksmundzka Sandstone Mb).

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