ARTYKUŁY INFORMACYJNE Dokumentacja znalezisk meteorytu Morasko w latach 2011–2014 – problemy metodyczne i uzyskane efekty

Monika Nowak, Andrzej Muszyński


Documenting the Morasko meteorite finds in 2011–2014 – methodical problems and results obtained.
A b s t r a c t. The Morasko meteorite is currently one of the biggest tourist attractions of the city of Poznań. In this paper we present the stages of creating documentation for finds of individual fragments of the Morasko meteorite, conducted at the Institute of Geology, Adam Mickiewicz University, in 2011–2014. During the initial period of documentary work, the focus was mainly on the compilation of topographic maps prepared by various authors to create one collective map of finds. ESRI (ArcGIS) software was used to prepare the documentation. The main problem at the initial stage of documentation was the coordination of source data prepared on topographic bases developed in various reference systems (PUWG 65, PUWG 92, tourist map without any system). During the years 2012–2014, topographic data were successively supplemented with new finds, resulting in a database comprising a total of 1413 items – containing coordinates, data on individual finders, masses (given as a range or as specific data in grams), depths at which meteorites rested, and, in some cases, special features (so-called shrapnel). The obtained documentation is a unique source of data on most of the fragments of the Morasko meteorite. It remains debatable whether the collected information is sufficient to calculate a reliable meteorite strewn field.

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